The Auberge Residences at Esperanza

Los Cabos, Mexico

Client Industry: Resort Real Estate/Fractional Ownership

We've died and gone to heaven. Actually, it's Los Cabos, Mexico, one of the world's most beautiful places. Where the desert of Baja dips into the Sea of Cortez. Where land ends and all you can see is deep blue ocean. It's also where Auberge Resorts has built an incredible destination, including the Residences at Esperanza. That's where we came in. We were the marketing partners for the fractional ownership Residences at Esperanza. Tough work, but someone had to do it.

Creatively, we've married elegance and exotic. We've let luxury run wild, so to speak. Our marketing challenge was that there were numerous alternative buys to our product in the area. We just needed to make sure the market knew we were there and stopped by to say, "Hola." Because once they did, they'd fall in love. And when they fell in love, they tended to purchase. And when they purchased, all was well in this peaceful little seaside resort tucked on a dramatic cove on the very tip of Baja. The end.